Past Classes- Grinnell College

General Chemistry & Lab (CHM 129)

Organic Chemistry 1 & Lab (CHM 221)

Organic Chemistry 2 & Lab (CHM 222)

Intro Biological Chemistry & Lab (BCM 262)

Chemistry & Biology of Nucleic Acids (BCM 395)

Past Classes- Tulane University

Chemistry in the Community (CHEM 1898)

Chemistry of Nucleic Acids (CHEM 7440)

General Chemistry: Class

General Chemistry: Lab

A fundamental part of Chemistry is learning how to safely manipulate and characterize chemical compounds in a hands-on fashion. This lab is tied in closely with material you will learn in the lecture during the semester, providing you with an opportunity to learn the technical skills that go along with the course knowledge.

Lab Syllabus- Spring 2017

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